Your pets will thank you!!!
  • Sweet Potato Dog Treats - 32 ounces

    Our homemade sweet potato dog treats are 100% dehydrated sweet potatoes. They are all natural, with NO fillers, preservatives or chemicals of any kind. These are fully dehydrated to make a crunchy treat rather than a chewy one. I have added no salt, sugar, honey, cinnamon or anything else that is not necessary for your dog's enjoyment. Crunchy treats are good for their teeth. People could eat these but we are used to added flavors in our sweet potatoes so you may not like them the way our dogs do.

    When I shop for my sweet potatoes, I always purchase what looks best that day. Once I arrive back home I set to work by washing, drying, slicing and beginning the dehydration process. I use professional dehydrators, not the oven. This process takes many hours to ensure they are properly dehydrated. Since they are fully dehydrated, they can be stored at room temperature. They do not need to be refrigerated or frozen, just store in the airtight bag they arrive in to last for many, many months. Shelf life is 18-24 months provided they are stored out of the sunlight. I've never had one go bad before they were all eaten up.

    As far as size goes, a 4 ounce bag is a quart sized zip lock bag; 8 ounces is 2 quart bags; 16 ounces is a gallon size bag. If you order 2 or 3 pounds, you will receive 2 or 3 gallon size bags. If you look at my pictures, 16 ounces is a very large plate full of chips.  I do not charge you for the bags that the treats are in. They are weighed before they are packed so you get the full amount that you are paying for.

    Ingredients for this product contain 100% sweet potatoes.