Your pets will thank you!!!
  • Pork Jerky Treats - Hard & Chewy - 8 oz


    Pork jerky treats are all-natural pork loin that has been born, raised & harvested in the USA. I use no animal by-products; no fillers, chemicals, marinades, spices or preservatives of any kind. These treats are made in professional dehydrators. They are dehydrated for many hours to insure proper dehydration which is a natural preservative. The finished texture is hard and somewhere between chewy & crunchy. They can be cut into smaller pieces so they are appropriate for a cat or a smaller dog.

    To begin the dehydration process, I trim all the fat, skin and bone from the pork loin, slice it and dehydrate it.. Once finished, they are packaged in vacuum sealed bags. Once opened, they should be stored in a zip lock bag. Refrigeration is highly recommended. It will then be good for 4-6 weeks.

    All packages are 4 ounces so if you order a larger quantity you will receive multiply packages which will keep your product fresher longer.

    Ingredients: 100% USDA grade A pork loin