Your pets will thank you!!!

How We Got Started

I have always loved to bake. It has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager. I have always loved animals and that has been for my whole life. I lost my husband a few years ago so I have haven't had anyone to bake for in quite awhile. So I turned to the dogs and decided to combine  my passion for baking and my love of animals. Debbie's Doggie Delights was born.  I started small with just a few recipes and started learning what everyone wanted. I found out that some dogs have allergies, some eat grain free, gluten free, dairy free, protein free and some are actually vegetarians. So I spent months creating recipes for most of the dogs out there.

I haven't finished creating new treats yet. Finding the time is the hardest thing to do. My most recent creations are 2 new cat treats - Crunchy Salmon & Crunchy Chicken. Strawberry treats for dogs are now available for a limited time. My strawberries are gone until next year so once these are sold out, that's it.

Now I'm going to brag. It turns out that I'm still a pretty good baker. I've been getting compliments every week from the people who have been purchasing from me at my local farmers markets. I do have a couple of taste testers at home but I still love hearing from other dogs (ah people) on how they must have more.