Debbie's Doggie Delights Homemade All-Natural Dog Treats
  • Cinnamon Buns


    These are beef and cinnamon flavored dog cookies. They are a hard and crunchy treat shaped like cinnamon buns. They are prepared like cinnamon buns and contain a good amount of cinnamon. They smell so good. They are packaged so they make a great gift item as well as a treat for your special pup.

    These treats are baked then dehydrated so they will last like a milk bone but with no added chemicals or preservatives. They have a shelf like of 1 year plus. These are one of my thickest treats at about 1/4" thick. I add NO artificial colors so they are the same color as most of my treats.

    Ingredients: Restaurant grade beef stock, whole wheat flour, Cinnamon, egg, powdered milk and margarine with no trans fats.