Debbie's Doggie Delights Homemade All-Natural Dog Treats
  • Beef Stew - 4 oz


    This is my newest product and has tested amazing well. It is grain & gluten free. I call it Beef Stew because I loosely modeled the recipe after that. I use beef, sweet potatoes, peas, parsley & thyme. They are a hard and crunchy treat that is shaped like a swirled butter cookie. They are packaged so they make a great gift item as well as a treat for your special pup.

    These are dehydrated treats so they will last like a milk bone but with no added chemicals or preservatives. They have a shelf like of 1 year plus. I add NO artificial colors or flavors. Refrigeration is not needed. 

    Ingredients: Beef, sweet potatoes, peas, parsley & thyme.